RF. Alvarez is a visual artist based in Austin, texas

“His arrangements reflect a growing catalogue of ideals – pride, comfort, and safety, among others – that ambivalently call on iconography as a means of mapping or documenting experience."

– Uprise Art

Upcoming Exhibitions

Nude Show @ Recspec Gallery

Group show, August 2019


Adaptations NY + Uprise Art

Solo show, July 2019


Deseo @ Nannie Inez

Solo show, May 2019

Art on Paper Fair + Uprise Art

Group show, March 2019

Annual Report 2018 @ Big Medium

Group show, December 2018

Excavations @ Martin & Brockett

Solo show, November 2018



In conversation with Sheldon Ceramics

RF. Alvarez recently spoke with the studio of Sheldon Ceramics about the themes and narratives present in many of his recent works. Below are two excerpts:

“I think that the silhouette along with any kind of graphic simplicity or essentialism allows for the conversation to be about the idea of the thing. The Deseo series featured a lot of silhouettes. The conversation I wanted to have was about the body and its relationship to its environment. I wanted as much universality as possible. I think any kind of iconographic dialing-down can help do that. In my opinion, abstraction is about streamlining, a way to drive conversations.”

“I am very much concerned with depicting a world that is better. Someone at the opening of Deseo recently said to me, “One of the things that's really interesting to me is that all these women look safe. They're in a calm, relaxed space [in your paintings].” That person imagined they could be sitting nude on a beach at total ease. I really like the idea of command over an environment in this way. Even while lounging, Calypso, for example, has sharp edges and is physically assertive. It’s an interesting confluence of power, because real power is just about feeling safe. I hope that someone looks at these works and recognizes the juxtaposition between what they're seeing and how it feels to live in our world. This is one of the most important conversations we’re having today as a society – it’s as if we’ve been ignoring the fact that women haven’t been safe forever.”

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Sobremesa Austin, August 10th

Summer meal .jpg

RF. Alvarez will be co-hosting the first Austin edition of Sobremesa with his Cherrywood neighbor, Taylor Cumbie.

Sobremesa is a global dinner series hosted by Sunday Suppers in which host around the world share dinners in their homes to celebrate community and food — a portion of the proceeds will go to The Hunger Project, a program empowering local communities to make sustainable progress in overcoming hunger and poverty.

The dinner is August 10th and tickets are available at the link below. Join us for some delicious food, good company, artworks and more!

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Favor & H-E-B Offices


For their new flagship offices, East Side Tech Hub, Favor and H-E-B commissioned original artworks from RF. Alvarez. The works were chosen based on their reference to the Texas landscape and produce.


Deseo @ Nannie Inez

RF. Alvarez’s solo show Deseo was on view at Nannie Inez in Austin, Texas for the month of May 2019. The works, a meditation on the subject of longing and desire, are available for purchase through the gallery.

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Art on Paper Fair

Uprise Art showed RF. Alvarez alongside B.D. Graft and Katrine Hildebrandt at the Art on Paper Fair in New York City. The series of works, “Archivo,” are available for purchase through Uprise.

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Studio Visit with Uprise Art

In anticipation of the new series, Archivo, Uprise Art visited RF. Alvarez in his Austin, Texas studio. In an accompanying interview he said,

“I'm interested in the notion of artifact-creation: mapping or documenting experiences, recycling relics to carve out new meaning; the relationship between the object and the individual. Lately, I've been taking a look at how these objects can come to shape identities and how they reflect an individual's relationship to a heritage.”

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2018 Annual Report @ Big Medium

RF. Alvarez was among 8 artist featured at Big Medium’s Annual Report, highlighting promising artists from their 2018 programming. These works are currently available for sale directly through the studio.

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Excavations @ Martin & Brockett

RF. Alvarez created a series of paintings, designed objects and murals for Martin & Brockett’s Los Angeles showroom and gallery space. These works are available for sale through Martin & Brockett.

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