“Memory is not exactly memory. it is more like a prong, upon which a calendar of similar experiences happening throughout the years, collect. A memory once clearly stated ceases to be a memory, it becomes perpetually present, because every time we experience something which recalls it, the clear and lucid original experience imposes its formal beauty on the new experiences. it is thus no longer memory but an experience lived through again and again.” - Vera John-Steiner

form 1 hero.jpg

“FORM, BLACK: 4:31 PM (sOMeOne PLAys MusiC)”

Ink on canvas, 60 x 42"


These works are a practice in curation: the careful curation of a single moment. What we are left with is the residue of a moment, an object of representation of a specific emotion or occurrence. Much like a story or a photograph, the object itself creates its own truth and relationships. It does not intend to exactly document an experience, but rather interprets it for the sake of crafting narrative. Is the subject matter of these pieces the act of making? The moment it was made? The final form itself? Or the response it creates in the viewer? Perhaps all of the above. The forms stand as the organic and bold expression of new truth that arrives from the reflection on a moment in time.

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“FORM, BLACK: 11:03 AM (The wind in The PALMs)”

Ink on canvas, 60 x 42"


“FORM, BLACK: 5:13 PM (hOT suMMeR dAy)”

Ink on canvas, 60 x 42"


Forms on papeR


“FORM, BLACK on paper: 12:34 PM (excitement)”

ink on paper, 22 x 30"


“FORM, BLACK on paper: 2:45 PM (highway traffic)”

ink on paper, 22 x 30"


“FORM, BLACK on paper: 1:06 PM (hesitation)”

ink on paper, 22 x 30"


“FORM, BLACK on paper: 2:58 PM (sweat on my forehead)”

ink on paper, 22 x 30"


Deeper Narratives


"narrative no. 1: trying to forgive you"

pencil, ink & oil on paper


"narrative no. 2: youth"

pencil, ink & oil on paper


"Narrative no. 3: considering the state of things"

pencil, ink & oil on paper